What is the CSU Virtual Arts Concert?

The CSU Virtual Arts Concert will be a multi-campus virtual arts concert where students in film, dance, art, theatre, music, and more come together  collaborate to answer the question, What is Resilience? 

If you are a student at any California State University Campus, you can enroll after January 4, 2021. 

CSU Virtual Arts Concert needs students across all the creative disciplines to come together to tell their stories. 

How will the course work?

1-Students will take a survey before the semester begins regarding artistic, intellectual, and creative ideas and contributions. A separate survey will ask students about their schedules so project cohorts can be established.

2-Cohorts will be groups of artists and researchers with different specialties who will come together to answer the question “What is Resiliency?

3-Cohorts in conjunction with the instructor will establish a timeline to bring their virtual project together throughout the semester.

4-There is support and equipment is available for filming, capturing sound/music, editing, art making etc.

5-On May 8, 2020 the first ever CSU Virtual Concert will premiere. 

6-Please email heather.castillo@csuci.edu with any questions. 

Who Can Participate?

ALL CSU Students!

The CSU Virtual Arts Concert will be a collaboration of CSU’s finest artists, researchers and storytellers! 

Are you a film-maker, actor, dancer/dance-maker, visual artist, activist, storyteller, playwright, environmentalist, musician, composer, scientist, skateboarder, educator, martial artist, humanitarian, performance artist, event planner, mountain climber, etc?
Are you a CSU student? 
Then you are welcome to join the CSU Virtual Concert as a collaborator. 

All productions take a team of people to tell stories. We all have so much to share about our stories of survival, perseverance, and our cultures that represent the beautiful tapestry of California.